Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies


Transforming a good idea into a valid business case is far from simple. Has anyone attempted this before and if so, what problems did they face? Were they successful? Is the project profitable or cost neutral in the long run? Have we chosen the right location? Is it possible to live up to the time schedule and operating budget?

How is our Feasibility Study different

Though feasibility studies contain standard components, the exact appearance of each study varies depending upon the critical factors for that project, the methods chosen to conduct the study – primary and secondary research, and the budget. We are uniquely placed to answer questions like

Born to Lead has the right ingredients to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies that provide the necessary reality check of your project and make your ideas happening.
  • Are there benchmarks or hurdles that need to be surpassed?
  • What business requirements are absolutely necessary for a successful solution? Are there unavoidable market risks or environmental risks? How can they be best mitigated?
  • What data is available internally and externally?
  • What is the quality and reliability of this data?