Value Engineering

Perception of ‘value’ varies from client to client and from project to project, and better value need not necessarily mean reducing cost.

A higher cost option may deliver better ‘value’ in terms of quality or functionality of the end product. ‘Value’ therefore needs careful consideration and definition for each project.

With our design optimization, we assist our clients in understanding the drivers for their project and identifying ways in which value can be optimised. 

At Born to Lead, value engineering is all about achieving the best value design in line with our clients’ strategic objectives. The greatest impact can be achieved through the design optimization decisions made at the earliest stage of a project. We deliver value engineering through a process of workshops, ‘optioneering’, costing, selection and implementation. 

Our processes are fully integrated into our Whole Life Costing procedures and Change Management procedures to ensure that all of the implications of decisions are fully evaluated and understood and that they deliver value not only terms of in initial capital cost but also in on-going operational / lifecycle costs.