About Us

Change being the only constant in today’s environment, we at Born to Lead recognize that the traditional project execution techniques are not enough.

About Us, change being the only constant in today's environment.
We take that one extra step and go further to understand our clients and provide real solutions to their business needs. We are committed to performing work that will build relationships which benefit everyone involved

Our firm belief that every spend counts has helped us add value and as a result, our focus is always on how we can add value and make a difference to our clients. Doing just what we are asked is not enough and we endeavor to use techniques to add value on all our projects, regardless of size. Value can be related to project cost, operating cost or revenue, schedule or anything else of importance to our clients. We have used value engineering on a number of projects in the construction industries and achieved significant savings, without sacrificing scope

At Born to Lead we work to resolve and simplify complex problems to help our clients spend wisely. Born to Lead serves a variety of civil project types and is committed to delivering excellence to contractors, owners, engineers, and architects. We aim at maintaining the highest standards of quality for consulting services within the construction industry

 Born to Lead offers comprehensive design and engineering consultancy services across our key sectors. This encompasses all stages of project development from surveys, feasibility studies, planning, detailed design for construction, cost estimation and management, design optimization and value engineering

 Our team works personally with each client throughout the duration of the project to ensure that clients meet their project goals and budgets
Our Culture, Our Vision, Our Mission


Born to Lead has been governed by its core values instilled through its culture and character of the company. At the heart of our culture is our focus on improving our client’s results. Continual improvement is not only something we instill with our clients but is embodied within our team’s careers and company goals.

Our Vision
To be leading company delivering exceptional value to our clients by maximizing returns, innovating and deeply collaborating for excellent results

Our Mission
To serve our clients by providing highest quality professional services that address various aspects of construction and engineering related projects. We provide fully integrated services to overcome complicated construction related situations through industry awareness, practical business knowledge and technology experience.

We think global and act local – Use our international exposure to develop optimal engineering methodologies to deliver superior value, flexible, cost-effective, and integrated engineering solutions that suits the local conditions.

We service owners, contractors, architects and engineers regardless of size, scope, or complexity from concept through project closeout.

Our Values
Trust     Integrity     Excellence    Expertise     Commitment
Professional Services


Born to Lead provides multidisciplinary construction management consulting services for construction and engineering projects to owners, contractors, architects, engineers and financial institutions in all industries regardless of size, scope, or complexity from concept through project closeout.
  • Value Engineering
  • Cost Planning and Cost Management
  • Engineering Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Outsourcing
  • Training Centres